M&M Group’s Bronco Rocks The Staples Center


The M&M Group’s Exclusive Artist Bronco Rocks the Staples Center Arena in Los Angeles, California

The M&M Group’s exclusive Artist Bronco continued their tour through the United States. They performed live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on March 31st. The group was a part of the “Recordando A Los Compas” event. They performed along with Ramón Ayala, Banda Machos and others. The group began their performance with their classic “Adoro”, which had everyone immediately dancing and singing along. From that moment on, the fans enjoyed one hit after another: “Libros Tontos”, “Que Te Han Visto Llorar”, “Amigo Bronco”, “Nunca Voy a Olvidarte”, “Que No Quede Huella”, “Corazon Duro” and “Zapatos de Tacon”.

One of the most memorable moments was when they performed “El corrido de Miguel Rivera”, which is part of the soundtrack of the Oscar winning film “Coco”. This is also the bands newest single. They then ended their performance with “Sergio El Bailador” and “Oro.” It resulted in a big ovation from the crowd. It was a great and memorable performance by Bronco as they performed on the Staples Center stage for the first time in their career.