About Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly is a soulful rock band that hails from Calgary, Alberta, and is now based in San Diego. Their unique sound is rooted in American rock and country, with a nod to their Canadian influences. Brothers Patrick and Liam Croome are the lead vocalists, and their strong familial connection brings an undeniable on-stage chemistry. Brayden Tario, the drummer, has been best friends with the Croome brothers since high school, adding a level of comfort and camaraderie to the group.

In 2019, the band welcomed electric guitarist David Mills from Lake Elsinore, whose distinct Southern California edge has added a new dimension to their music. And in 2021, the band added talented music producer and bassist Matt Spatol from Milwaukee, WI, giving the band a fresh Mid-Western rock influence.

Since emerging on the scene in 2014, Daring Greatly has made a name for themselves as one of the most accomplished and dynamic bands to come out of Calgary, AB. Over the course of eight years, they have released a plethora of albums and singles, their unique fusion of classic rock, modern alternative, folk, country, and pop continues to captivate audiences at renowned venues across the Western United States and Canada.

Daring Greatly’s live performances are nothing short of electric, with tight harmonies and impressive instrumentals leaving audiences spellbound. They draw inspiration from Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena” and the writings of Brene Brown, creating an uplifting and empowering atmosphere that resonates with their fans.

Their latest single, “Blame it on the Whiskey,” is available on all major streaming services, showcasing their soulful sound and powerful songwriting. With three nominations in the 2023 San Diego Music Awards for “Best Rock Artist,” “Best Rock Album – Gird Valley,” and “Song of the Year – Never A Goodbye,”