About Pedro Fernandez

José Martín Cuevas Cobos was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on September 28,1969 (52 years old).

Singer, actor, conductor and composer known professionally as Pedro Fernández who began his international career at the age of seven with the film and album “La de la mochila azul”.

Today Pedro has 39 recorded albums, has starred in 1 television series, 7 soap operas, 25 movies and continues to captivate audiences around the world. He has had the opportunity to share the screen with legendary actors such as Adalberto Martínez “Resortes”, Maricruz Olivier, Mario Almada, Joaquín Cordero and other actors who are part of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. He has received 3 diamond records, 37 gold records and 26 platinum records.

  • TV & Novelas Award for ‘Best Leading Actor’ (2010) “Until money do us part”
  • TV & Novelas Award for ‘Male Singer of the Year’
  • Latin Grammy for Best Regional/Mexican Album (2001) “Yo no fui”
  • Latin Grammy for Best Regional/Mexican Song (2010) “Amarte a la antigua”
  • Latin Grammy for Best Regional/Mexican Song (2013) “Cachito de cielo”
  • Latin Grammy for best ranch album (2015) “Acaríciame el corazón”
  • La Diosa de Plata Award (Mexican Film Award)
  • 2 El Heraldo Awards (Singer of the Year Mexico)
  • 4 Azteca Calendar Awards (Award for movies, music and best singer)
  • 2 La Gaviota de Plata Awards, one of them for the most popular artist of the “Viña del Mar” festival, a festival that takes place in Chile
  • Gold Orchid Award Festival that takes place in Venezuela
  • El Taquillometro Award (Award for the highest grossing film actor in Mexico)
  • 2 “Premio Lo Nuestro” Awards for career and the other for singer of the year that was delivered by Mrs. Celia Cruz
  • Youth Awards for career (2008)
  • Texas Awards (Including career, best album, best song and best international singer) (2011) “Until money do us part”
  • 3 Luna Awards from the National Auditorium of Mexico ‘Best Show of the Year’ ‘Best Singer of the Year’ and ‘Best Record of the Year’ (2012) “Amarte a la Antigua”
  • Aplauso 92 Award for ‘Mexican Youth Singer of the Year’ Mexico (1995)
  • 2 Quetzal Awards Mexico music award
  • 2 Monitor Latino Awards for 35 years of career (2010) and ‘Rancher Artist of the Year’ (2010)
  • Encounter of the Titans Award at the Azteca Mexico Stadium for career
  • CBS Continental de Discos S.A. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1980) Pedrito Fernández ‘Maximum expression of the children’s song of America’ for ‘Greatest Popularity and Sales’
  • Award from the Senate of the Mexican Republic and the National Association of Interpreters for trajectory 2015
  • La voz de Oro Lifetime Achievement Award (2009) ‘La Feria del Mariachi’ Texas State University San Marcos (‘Pedro Fernández’ Scholarship)
  • Furia Musical Award for ranchera song of the year “Me Encantas”, and many more awards.

In addition to having received international and national awards, he has also received the keys to different cities and countries such as the keys to the city of Caracas Venezuela, Maracaibo, Venezuela, Viña del Mar in Chile, Santiago de Chile, San José, Costa Rica, Lima. , Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Los Angeles, California, Dade County, Florida, Las Cruces, New Mexico, the City of Central Falls, Laredo, Texas, among other cities and countries.

Pedro Fernández has performed for important international figures such as Queen Sofía of Spain on her visit to Mexico in 2000, George W. Bush (former president of the United States) at the White House in 2002 to honor the Mexican celebration ” 5 de Mayo”, Arnold Schwarzenegger (former governor of the state of California, United States), His Holiness John Paul II on his first and last visit to Mexico, Pope Benedict XVI on his first and only visit to Mexico, Pope Francis on his last visit to Mexico (2016) and at the Summit of the Americas sang for all the presidents of Latin America in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León Mexico.

Likewise, he has represented Mexico singing the National Anthem of Mexico in important sporting events. He has been recognized by the National Lottery of Mexico and has honored him on two occasions by putting his image in the draws of September 1999 and November 2015. He has sold more than a million fragrances of his ‘Pedro Fernández’ lotion with Fuller. He has hosted in important music events, ‘Latin Billboards’ 2015, ‘Latin Billboards’ 2016, ‘Lo Nuestro Awards’ 2013, ‘Christmas in the Vatican’ 2012, ‘Fiesta Mexicana’ 2013, ‘Virgen De Guadalupe’ 2015 and ‘Latin Billboard’s 2021.