Alicia Villarreal and Los Angeles Azules Rock Jalapeno Festival

The Jalapeno Festival is a fun two-day event filled with great food and great entertainment. The Jalapeno festival has been running for 40 years. It takes place in Laredo, TX. It’s definitely something all the locals attend yearly with an attendance of over 6,000 people. They have everything from carnival rides to a Jalapeno eating contest with some of the hottest Jalapenos in existence.

The M&M Group’s exclusive artists Alicia Villarreal and Los Angeles Azules both performed on Saturday, February 17th, 2018. Both performances went great to accompany the fun filled 2-day festival. Los Angeles Azules is coming off a sold-out show at the Balboa Theater in San Diego, California. Alicia Villarreal is also on a blazing trail since she hasn’t performed in Texas in 2 years. Many jumped at the opportunity to see both her and Los Angeles Azules together in on night. It was a very special gift for the people that attended the already popular festival.


M&M Group’s Exclusive Artists Los Angeles Azules & Alicia Villarreal Rock the Jalapeno Festival Stage

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