Los Angeles Azules Tropicalia

Los Angeles Azules Rocks Topicalia Music and Taco Festival

On Saturday, Los Angeles Azules took their talents to the Main Stage of the Tropicalia Music and Taco Festival. The even took place at the Queen Mary in Long Beach California. As their performance drew closer, everyone in attendance was making their way over to see Los Angeles Azules. When it came time for the group to walk out on to the main stage, the crowd erupted with cheer and applause. Throughout the performance, Azules kept the audience engaged. They asked them to make noise and sing along with the group. Once again, it was another smooth show for Los Angeles Azules and one that the people in attendance were sure to remember. If you were unable to make it to this year’s Tropicalia Festival to see Los Angeles Azules, you are in luck as they will be performing on Sunday at The Observatory in San Diego, so be sure to get your tickets before they are all gone.