Intocable, Voz De Mando, and Banda Machos Perform AVA Amphitheatre in Casino Del Sol Resort

This past Friday, June 28th, 2019, Intocable, Voz De Mando, and Banda Machos all took the stage at Casino Del Sol Resort’s AVA Amphitheatre. This was great return by all bands to Tucson, AZ. Those in attendance all enjoyed the show and were dancing and singing along to hits by all Three bands like “Fuerte No Soy” by Intocable, “Y Ahora Resulta” by Voz De Mando, and the famous hit record in “La Culebra” by Banda Machos. The performances all went great from beginning to end. This was another great booking by The M&M Group for the AVA Amphitheater Casino Del Sol Resort.